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Saree Draping New Style Like A Bollywood Queen

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Saree draping new style has always been a subject of discussion for the fashion enthusiast in India. Sarees have been the standard apparel for ladies and young girls in India for many years. Over the time, this apparel has remained relevant as a result of girls have tailored and modified sarees to their own style & fashion sense with new draping skills and techniques. Almost six meters long, this woman's attire is still in trend in India; however the manner it's worn, adorned has modified over the years.

In this age of modern times, Sarees have been reinvented and redesigned by fashion designers along the time in India. Fashion designing industries have changed and upgraded the way a saree is worn.

The way you wear a saree can simply improve and enhance your overall looks & Style & to demonstrate that, here are some ways to improve your fashion sense by wearing a saree just like a Bollywood diva.

Dhoti Style Saree

This Dhoti style saree is moreover known as nauvari saree. This Dhoti style saree is exceptionally prevalent and trendy these days as numerous social media influencers are advancing this hanging fashion increasingly.

The fashion of this dhoti style saree started in Maharashtra state in India, where ladies wear these 9-yard long sarees within the fashion of a dhoti for outstanding looks & style.

It is quite mandatory that length of saree should be at least 9-yards for this dhoti style saree for the best results for draping and covering your body. Saree Draping New Style Like A Bollywood Queen